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Bea Alonzo



Bea Alonzo British-Filipino Celebrity Movie Queen. With a total of over 30 Awards as best actress in the Philippines Ms. Alonzo is a Eurasian Non-Marital Child and never met her Father. She advocates  for Equal Rights for Children to share her success story to shed a light and hope for others who might have similar circumstance  in her experience and uplifts others in their lives. With over two decades of being a Superstar Ms. Alonzo  shares her success through advocacy in women’s rights and children’s rights. In June 2008, Alonzo released her debut album The Real Me under Star Records. It was also in mid-2008 when it was announced that she would play the leading character Betty Pengson in the TV sitcom Yo Soy Betty La Fea, which originated from Colombia. The Philippines' version was entitled I Love Betty La Fea. The show premiered in September 2008 at the primetime slot; it ran for eight consecutive months.[citation needed]

In December 2011, Alonzo renewed her contract with ABS-CBN. She was set to do two movies under Star Cinema and a reunion drama, The Mistress, with her on-screen partner, John Lloyd Cruz.[4] Alonzo starred in the 2014 international hit TV drama Sana Bukas pa ang Kahapon (Tomorrow Belongs To Me), opposite Paulo Avelino and Albert Martinez.[citation needed]


In 2019, Alonzo appeared in the horror film Eerie[5] and the dramatic film Unbreakable.[6] She also started pursuing writing for film in 2019 by enrolling in the writing workshop[7] of Filipino screenwriter, journalist, novelist, and playwright Ricky Lee. This year, she was also included in the list of[8] and the International Film Festival & Awards Macao as among Asia's biggest stars poised for international stardom.[9]

On July 1, 2021, GMA News announced[10] that she transferred to GMA Network after almost 19 years under ABS-CBN.

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