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Madam Anni Huang

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Madam Anni Huang is the Founder of the World Madam Foundation and the Chairwoman of the World Madam Group. She has been actively involved in public undertakings such as culture and education, public welfare and charity, and environmental protection. Her image of intellectual beauty, gentleness, sincerity, and successful fraternity has become a powerful representation of female role models in the new era.

The Royal Academy of World Madam has initiated a global series of activities. It has co-sponsored United Nations Peace Events, the World Madam Peace Concert, United Nations Autism Awareness Day Charity, World Madam Chinese Culture Week, International Culture Week, and has received many prestigious awards.

Their goal is to connect outstanding women who are influential in politics, economics, technology, culture, and other fields from all over the globe.


For more information about the World Madam Foundation, please visit:

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